You Haven’t Seen This Movie List on Buzzfeed

Year after year there are plenty of great movies that get overlooked by the masses thanks to marketing campaigns from the studios to help push their passion projects to win all the awards as well as take the main stage for box office receipts among many other reasons for a film not to get included in more popular lists such as those you might see on Buzzfeed as well as other popular websites across the world wide web.

Some films might not even be feature length and could just be really well done shorts, but because they are short and don’t run in an hour and a half length they might get neglected to be put on anyone’s lists, even if they really deserve any kind of exceptional mentions from the major publications, online fan sites, as well as online entertainment sources such as Buzzfeed.

Other kinds of films might be made with such a low budget that they just are not even considered worthy of having on any kind of list even though they are made perfectly, again the industry may be trying to get their films more recognition when it comes time for awards seasons or just to recoup their financial backing within certain films so they do all that they can to get those people in the press to possibly push those films more to the public’s attention even though many of those other films could possibly be so much better than the others. Other films that might not get put on lists such as those on Buzzfeed might be of a more adult nature, such as porno movies of all types.

A great example of films that you probably wouldn’t see on Buzzfeed are possibly of a low budget fare as I mentioned in the above paragraph. Films like these tend to not be the greatest of quality when it comes to production value, but when it comes to the story and just has that it factor may be right on the money. It’s sad that these films don’t get the recognition they deserve a lot of times year after year and just fall through the cracks while other, less deserving films get all the accolades and even rise to the top of the awards ceremonies even though they don’t deserve it more times than not.

Also a great example from the ones given above is short films. Short films don’t have the same run times as feature films, but are just done so well these days that they absolutely rival those that are of feature length. So much expertise, time and quality are put into films that may only run about 10 to 15 minutes total run time and a lot of times the pacing on these films really outshine films that feel like they might run on forever because of how long they are, so you might get a lot of boring backstory and so on to pad out the allotted run time for the film instead of getting right into the action of a movie.

The final example of films that you probably wouldn’t see on lists from websites such as Buzzfeed are porno films. The only kind of porn films that might get any kind of mention on those sites would be films of historical value such as a Deep Throat, Behind The Green Door or Debbie Does Dallas. These are the only kinds of films that I think you would possibly see put into a list of sites like these because they have a historical significance. Another film that might be put on this list would something like Midnight Cowboy. Midnight Cowboy is in fact the only X Rated film to ever win The Academy Award for best picture due to the themes within the picture and so all films along this nature helps to give you a historical idea of how not only film is being put out, but how society as a whole is at that particular moment in time.

With these examples of lists you probably wouldn’t find on sites like Buzzfeed being only examples, I really feel that the main reason you might not see a lot of films like these on any lists would be due to the industry. Even though these sites are in fact independent of themselves, they still are very much swayed by the motion picture industry at large be it through monetary gain, a higher ranking among insiders and the public at large or for whatever other reasons there are for sites like this to put lists up on their website in the first place.

There are plenty of reasons you might not see particular films listed on certain sites such as Buzzfeed, but these are just a few that come to mind with these sites.

How Hollywood and Movies All Wrong How Hollywood and Movies All Wrong

The is nothing more entertaining in this life then sitting down and watching a good movie, or even better visiting a movie theatre. Over the last decades Hollywood has changed the way that we view movies, and how we interact with each other after a good movie. With the advent of Hollywood and special effects America has been introduced to some of the most wonderful cultural phenomenon around. These smash hits include the Star wars trilogy, pulp fiction, die hard, and even the lethal weapon franchise just to name a few hits that have been introduced over the years.

Hollywood and movies are an integral part of most people’s lives now, and that can be both a good thing and a bad thing depending on how you look at it. First off there are many problems that have been introduced by watching movies, and one of these problems is how they negatively affect children. Movies often times have a great deal of sexual appeal or violence, and this is what makes them sell. You might have heard that famous saying sex sells, well it does. Hollywood has been coming under fire for years over the increase in sexual promiscuity on screen, and how it negatively affects children by being introduced to it. Even a PG-13 flick will have some sort of innuendo or negative information in it, or at the very least cuss words which is not good.

Hollywood tries to send the wrong message to children, in both how the movies are marketed and even how the movie stars live. Time and time again our children can pick up any type of tabloid or magazine and see movie stars spending huge amounts of money on clothing, cars, and worse. This sends a horribly wrong image to children, some of whom might otherwise have grown up in dire circumstances. This also sends the wrong message to our next generation about how to grow wealth, and how to handle it. They will grow up seeing how the stars in Hollywood poorly manage their money, and they think that is how you are supposed to handle wealth. What makes it worse is that Hollywood condones these actions, with egregiously high salaries, drug usage being prominent, and no real rules or consequences enforced on the movie stars.

Hollywood markets the raunchiest movies with priority because they know that these movies sell the best, instead leaving the more family friendly flicks down lower on the list. While it is true that we are the land of the free, there should still be some type of blame taken on how these movies are negatively affecting our children and how no one is stepping up to change things. We need to make Hollywood and the stars more accountable, and make them to be better role models to the millions of children who watch them on the silver screen and look up to them. Hollywood and movies make life interesting, and nothing is better than watching a movie together with your family.

Hollywood has come a long way over the years, but there is still much more that can be done to enhance the way that they influence our children and how they set themselves as a role model. You wouldn’t want your children to grow up and have no concept of wealth building or money management, so why let them be influenced by movie stars who have had no formal training at all. There is nothing worse than seeing a movie star make a fool of themselves in the tabloids, and Hollywood condones these types of actions with high rewards and by paying all of the various gossip magazines to pick up all of the dirty details.

Hollywood is just plain wrong for how they influence the community, and how they condone the poor actions of their movie stars. Obviously there are a lot of movie stars who take pride in themselves and hold up a stellar public image. But there are also the out of control party animals that make a fool of themselves in all of the magazines, and this is what gives Hollywood such a bad image. Yes it is true that we couldn’t live without movies, but it is also true that we could live without the negative effect that they have on our children.

Hollywood needs to step up to the plate and be a better role model, and in the long run it will affect the millions of children who watch movies and how they affect the community. Hollywood has been letting these negative actions slide for decades now and it is time to step up and make some changes, and these changes will positively affect how things are viewed in Hollywood and how their fans view the movies that they love.

Doing Cox Communications the Right Way

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