Tubelight: Salman Khan's film is inspired by Little Boy, Scene-by-scene comparison and SRK's playing role in Movie?

Tubelight: Salman Khan film is inspired by Little Boy, Scene-by-scene comparison and who Shah Rukh Khan is playing

So as you all know official Teaser of Indian historical war based movie TUBELIGHT was out on 4th May. With the release of the teaser, various facts about the Tubelight movie are also revealed. Tubelight will be no doubt a blockbuster movie of Salman Khan. But right now let us discuss something about the interesting facts about the Movie Tubelight.

Watch Tublight Official teaser - Tubelight | Official Teaser | Salman Khan | Kabir Khan

Kya tumhe yakeen hai? Yeh raha Tubelight ka official Teaser!

Produced by Salman Khan Films, starring Salman Khan and Sohail Khan, Tubelight is directed by Kabir Khan. The film will release in theaters on June 23rd, 2017.

Tubelight is based on the hollywood movie "Little Boy" which is again based on 1962 Sino-Indian War. In Tubelight Salman Khan is playing a role of Indian man. But actually in the movie Little Boy that role was played by a child actor so it will be very interesting to see Salman Khan playing the role which was actually played by a little boy. Various seen in Tubelight are same as the Little Boy and also Salman Khan is spotted copying the Little Boys character. And also Kabir Khan has already revealed that in Tubelight Salman Khan will appear in completely different role. This has made fans very curious to watch the movie. Fans are eagerly waiting for official trailer to catch something more about Tubelight.
As we mentioned earlier that Tubelight is based on hollywood movie Little Boy and there are many similarities in both the movies. Talking about one another scene from the teaser where Salman Khan is crying as his brother Sohail Khan leaves for war. Actually in the movie Little boy, the Little boy gets very upset and cried just because his very beloved father was marching towards a war and in the Tubelight Father is replaced with brother and rest all the things are same as Little Boy.
There is another scene in the teaser of Tubelight which surely left all the fans in question that what is this all happening. Yes we are talking about the scene where all the things around Salman Starts moving like an earth Quake. Actually in the movie Little Boy the Little boy get a power after his father left for the war. Little boy speaks some verse of Bible and then he can move things. The same thing we can see in Tubelight Salman Khan is doing and also in that scene he completely copies the Little Boy.

After Bajarangi Bhaijaan Salman Khan will again work with a Child actor in Tubelight. In Tubelight child is playing the role of a good friend of Salman Khan. Matin Rey Tangu is the name of that child actor. In the movie Little Boy a Japanese has is actually played the role of Little Boy's friend. Mating Rey Tangu will be playing the role of a Chinese boy in the Tubelight.

Fans will get even more excited after the confirmation given by the Kabir Khan that Shah Rukh Khan will appear in the Tubelight as a cameo. So far, the face of Shah Rukh Khan is not revealed in the Teaser but its is confirmed that Shah Rukh Khan will play a role of magician which was the role of Ben Chaplin in Little Boy. So this will attract the fans of Shah Rukh Khan as well. We have to wait for trailer to get the look of Shah Rukh Khan as teaser did not reveal the face of Shah Rukh Khan.

Tubelight is all set to release on this EID that is on June 23rd, this year (In 2017). As, Tubelight Movie Release date has been already announced.


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