Month: November 2019

BankPad non-bank loan

Under the terms of the BankPad loan, we can top up our wallets with up to $ 5,000. This offer operates on the basis of a flexible loan line. Using this proposal, we sign a contract for 12 months. BankPad is a new brand of non-bank loans .   BankPad BankPad’s offer is not an […]

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Real estate market. Foreign investors in Italy

More and more foreigners dream of buying a home in Italy. And, according to the data, they don’t just dream, because the market is growing. Who invests in Italy? And above all, where does it invest? Here we have tried to answer these questions and to deepen with a few numbers a “love story” at […]

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Loan and PCC tax – what should you know about it?

What is the PCC tax? In what situations does it apply? Should income tax be deducted from the loan? Check it out. When we find ourselves in a crisis, when we urgently need an extra cash injection, we rarely think rationally. We focus on finding the amount you need as quickly as possible. We are […]

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