BankPad non-bank loan

Under the terms of the BankPad loan, we can top up our wallets with up to $ 5,000. This offer operates on the basis of a flexible loan line. Using this proposal, we sign a contract for 12 months. BankPad is a new brand of non-bank loans .




BankPad’s offer is not an ordinary non-bank loan proposal. As part of this revolving loan line, we can borrow up to $ 5,000. Recently, there was a company on our market offering the same service. Her name was Vanquis Bank. Unfortunately, it has already disappeared from our market and is limited only to providing services in its home country, which is Great Britain.

We mention this company because BankPad’s offer resembles that of a revolving loan offer. They offer revolving loans that work slightly differently than traditional cash loans. The common denominator for them is the fact that in both cases we receive money to the account, but in revolving loans we do not repay monthly installments in a predetermined amount.

In a revolving loan, we decide how much the installment we are able to pay in a given month, let it not be lower than the one set by the lender. In favorable conditions, we can also repay the loan much faster than planned, we can do it at any time, as long as we feel adventurous.

So, the repayment of such a loan is very similar to the repayment of credit card debt. Users of such a financial product know what they are talking about.


Renewable Loan Line

  • The amount from 500 USD to 5,000 USD
  • Repayment time 4 months
  • You decide how much you pay and pay back
  • Each withdrawal reduces available funds

The APRC for a representative example is 192.5%.

We conclude a contract with the BankPad brand for 12 months. The loan we can use is between $ 500 and $ 5,000. The amount of loan that we can get depends on our credit history and current financial capabilities.

It may happen that the company rejects our application, in which we will want to borrow $ 5,000 and our current financial condition will not be the best. In this situation, we will be offered a different, lower loan amount. An important element of this service is the fact that when we receive a loan line we only pay for the funds used and not for all those that have been granted to us.


BankPad – conditions

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What conditions must we meet to apply for this type of loan? First of all, we must be at least 21 years old and no more than 70. We must be registered in Poland, have a bank account, but not at SKOK – such accounts are not recognized. Another necessary condition to fulfill is a flawless account in BIK and BIG.