Real estate market. Foreign investors in Italy

More and more foreigners dream of buying a home in Italy. And, according to the data, they don’t just dream, because the market is growing.

Who invests in Italy? And above all, where does it invest? Here we have tried to answer these questions and to deepen with a few numbers a “love story” at a distance.

Let’s start right away.

Interest in Italian real estate

All crazy about Italian brick. We could summarize the trend of the first half of 2016, which sees foreign investments grow in our country.

We went to consult the data collected by, the portal dedicated to foreigners who want to buy a property in Italy, and we saw that the demand grew by 52.4% compared to last year. In short, not a little.

And the figures could continue to increase after Ryanair announced its investment plan in Italy. More than 40 new routes to our country are in fact planned. In short, those who want to buy a house in Italy will soon be able to count on direct and more convenient flights to reach it.

It is precisely the case to say this: it could be easier to fly with Italy.

Who wants a home in Italy?

Soon we will have them as neighbors, so it is better to get to know who is investing in Italy. According to the six-monthly report, the houses are in great demand by:

  • Germany, with a demand of 15.6% and a growth rate of + 119.25% compared to last year.
  • United States, with 14.27% request.
  • Great Britain with 13.67%. A year ago it occupied the first place.
  • Followed by France (7.19%), Belgium (6.78%), Holland (5.60%), Switzerland (4.88%), Sweden (4%), Canada (2.63%) and Brazil (1 , 52%).

In short, the overall trend is very positive.

… Then there are the Russian buyers

We have not mentioned them in the standings, but if we talk about real estate purchases in Italy we must also name the Russians, long infatuated with our country.

The cities in which they invest the most are Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice and the small historic villages. But not only: the Russians also love the most exclusive tourist destinations such as Lake Como, the Costa Smeralda, Lake Garda, Portofino, Forte dei Marmi, Salento and the Amalfi Coast.

Far and wide our peninsula likes a lot. And not just the Russians …

Where do foreigners buy a house?

Where do foreigners buy a house?

In general, foreigners who buy a house in Italy are crazy about Tuscany, Liguria, Puglia, Lombardy and Umbria. This is the top five of the regions that fascinate the most.

But also Calabria, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Basilicata and Molise are reassembling. Compared to last year, requests in these regions have increased. Indeed, they have more than doubled.

And what do they buy?

And what do they buy?

We understand who buys, we said where. Now all we have to do is understand what types of properties foreigners are looking for in Italy. The independent properties are more in demand than the apartments and 27% search for buildings to be restored.

And how much are they willing to spend on a house? We also found an answer to this. The data collected shows us that the average price of the properties purchased is 435,000 euros. Among these, luxury real estate carves out a slice that is not small, equal to 14.31%. While 67% of investors spend no more than 250,000 euros.

In short, it is appropriate to say that in love distances do not count.