Too many requests for personal loans

If you have made too many requests for personal loans, you may have problems getting the liquidity you need. With Astro bank, whether an employee or a retired person, you can obtain a new loan exceeding the negative aspect of the other requests. 

Personal loans

Personal loans

Generally, in fact, those who make too many requests for personal loan, find themselves in difficulty precisely because of the personal loan requests themselves, as the requests for personal loan are visible to all the financial companies to which one turns.

As an example, when a person makes the first of the personal loan requests, this is evaluated based on certain parameters, such as the client’s profile, whether or not he is a bad payer, income and so on.

The financial with which the first personal loan application is made is probably the only onewill evaluate the loan request, as it will not see other ongoing personal loan requests that the other financials will see.

Financial companies

Financial companies

If, on the other hand, more than one loan request were made at the same time, these would be visible to all the financial companies who, in the event of possible approval, could request the release of other loans.

The problem that arises is that often we do not remember all the finances with which the personal loan requests have been made, and this increases the time to obtain the loan.

This happens because in these cases it is necessary to request the access to your credit database to verify which are the financings with which the personal loan requests were made, and subsequently request the various disclaimers.

It should be remembered that even if only one of these personal loan requests were to be rejected, even the discharges in this case would serve no purpose because the financial companies, by displaying a previous loan application rejected, would not accept the requests for personal loan to them time.

Therefore, it is important to make only one loan request, evaluating which is the loan that is most likely to grant the loan.

It is not just a question of rate, but also a question of probability. The refusal of one or more requests for personal loans, in fact, can also prevent the possibility of requesting other loans for 60 days.